Self-Organizing Nanovectors for Drug Delivery

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Giuseppe De Rosa, Pietro Matricardi





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Closed (30 April 2019)


Nanomedicines have been largely investigated as a useful tool for drug delivery and drug targeting. Despite the vast amount of literature on this subject and the growing number of formulations on the market or in clinical trials, the success rate of nanomedicines from bench to bed side is still low. Among the proposed approaches aiming to facilitate the technology transfer of nanomedicines, biomaterials and formulations able to spontaneously form nanoscale systems are very attractive. In this context, lipids and polymers have been largely proposed for the delivery of nucleic acids; polypeptides have been studied as building materials for drug delivery systems; inorganic or polymeric biomaterials have been combined to assemble in hybrid nanosystems, by mixing two or more components or by layer-by-layer strategy. Finally, formulations prepared by self-emulsifying have been proposed, especially for oral administration. All these approaches do not require high energy for the preparation and should be easy to transfer to large scale production with limited costs of production.

The aim of this Special Issue is to highlight the most recent innovations in the field of self-assembling and self-emulsifying delivery systems, thus providing an updated landscape of the state-of-art in the field, focusing both on the biomaterials and the applications.