Nanosystems in Pharmaceutical Technology

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R. Stancanelli, C.A. Ventura, S. Tommasini, V. Venuti, C. Crupi, D. Majolino





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The development of new therapeutic products is not very often adequate to properly enhance those properties that usually limit their biological applications, such as water solubility, circulation time, and pharmacokinetic profile. Furthermore, new potentially therapeutic molecules fail to permeate the cell membrane, thus requiring a high dose to obtain a good bioavailability with consequent toxicity and undesired side effects. In this scenario, nanotechnology, through the employment of materials in the nanoscale range, is currently being developed and looks particularly promising in revolutionizing targeted drug delivery, gene therapy, diagnostics, and many related areas of research.

The aim of this Special Issue is to go deep inside the challenges in “Nanosystems in Pharmaceutical Technology”, presenting recent innovations in nanomaterials for biomedical applications. As Guest Editors, we cordially invite you to contribute a research paper or comprehensive review on any aspect related to this topic.


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